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Best Rhinoplasty Surgery India-Procedure to Improve Shape of Nose

Posted on by Dr Kashyap

Best Rhinoplasty Surgery India-Procedure to Improve Shape of Nose

Rhinoplasty is term derived from the Greek word rhinos which means nose and plassein meaning to shape. Thus, in its simplest form, rhinoplasty means to shape the nose. It is a surgical intervention which is performed for either improving appearance or normalizing functions of the nose. It can be performed by cosmetic surgeon as a part of cosmetic surgeries or reconstructive surgery. Usually, it is also known as nose reshaping or nose job due to its objective of correcting traumatic injuries and aesthetic goals. Rhinoplasty is often performed in conjunction with other procedures such as chin augmentation. You can get the results for Best rhinoplasty surgery India only if you consult an experienced and skilled specialist rhinoplasty surgeon in Delhi.

It is performed wither under local anesthesia or general anesthesia. There are two surgical approaches for this surgery. One is open rhinoplasty while the other is closed rhinoplasty. In case of closed rhinoplasty, surgeons make the incision inside nostrils while in open rhinoplasty, an extra incision is made along the membrane which splits the nostrils. This thin pat of skin which divides two nostrils is known as columella. Also it can be categorized as primary and secondary rhinoplasty.

Primary surgery is performed for either reconstructive or cosmetic purpose. On the other hand is secondary rhinoplasty, it is performed when the result of primary surgery are not satisfactory. This happens in near about five to twenty percent of the cases. There are several benefits of undergoing nose surgery in India. It can help in restoring akin surface area, help in re-establishing normal contours and refurbishing airflow through nasal cavity.

So, if you are considering undergoing nose reshaping surgery in Delhi then you can be assured to get effective results. Surgeon will recommend the best method as per your existing condition. So, schedule an appointment with a cosmetic surgeon right away.

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