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Best Rhinoplasty Delhi - Few Important Factors to Consider

Posted on by Dr Kashyap

Rhinoplasty is a cosmetic procedure which aims at enhancing the visual appearance of the nose, improving breathing functions and its internal structures. For those who are considering undergoing best rhinoplasty Delhi should learn about the procedure in detail, latest techniques available to perform the surgery, risks associated with the surgery and all possible complications. 

Irrespective of the fact whether you are considering rhinoplasty surgery Delhi for correcting the consequences of an accident or trauma, to get rid of sleeping difficulties because of breathing problems or for improving the looks of your nose, there are   a few factors which you should pay attention to.  

•    Make sure you have realistic expectations out of the procedure. This will help you in reaching ideal proportions of nose. Remember that nose surgeon in Delhi will not alter the shape of your nose like your favorite movie star because your nose has its own anatomical structure.  Rely on your surgeon and make use of his knowledge and expertise of modern nose surgery techniques so that you can get better and improved results. 

•    At present, there are two techniques of performing nose surgery, namely closed and open rhinoplasty. In open rhinoplasty, the incision is done on the outside revealing full nose structure whereas in closed rhinoplasty, surgeon makes an incision in the inside of nose. Latter requires surgeon to have refined skills. As far as recovery period is concerned, it is less in closed rhinoplasty and also it carries fewer complications. However, it is important for you to know that this technique might not address all rhinoplasty needs. 

•    When it comes to selecting nose surgeon in Delhi, look for the most trusted, experienced and skilled surgeon. Schedule an appointment; meet the surgeon to know whether or not you are satisfied with him. Make sure that you discuss with surgeon all your concerns and apprehensions regarding the procedure beforehand. Do ask him how your nose will appear post-surgery. Making use of imaging software, cosmetic surgeon will be able to show you the ideal nose which matches yours.  

•    Do consider rhinoplasty surgery cost in Delhi as most such procedures are not covered under health insurance which means you have to pay for surgery yourself. Usually, the cost of surgery depends on the experience and skills of surgery, type of surgery performed and methods used for rhinoplasty. Make sure that you discuss with your surgeon the cost at length so that you can prepare accordingly.

•    Recovery time for rhinoplasty surgery might vary from couple of weeks to a few months on the basis of set of procedure performed. You might not notice results for some time because of swelling.

If you are considering undergoing best rhinoplasty Delhi then make sure you keep in mind above slated tips. After all, having detailed information about the procedure is important for you. 


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